Levelling The Score - Official Trailer

Internet sensation.  "Levelling the Score" our 4 part film series, is just one of the tools used in developing your urban self-defense skills as part of the Global Safe Program,

includes extended Finale Episode directed by  Award-Winning Director Freddie Hutton-Mills.

Free To View!!...4 short stories all linked together that lead to a sensational ending. 

With real-life scenarios that are happening every day.

"Starring - Itay Gil"
Simply unmissable

Episode 1

An Unusual Fare 

Setting the scene for the series, with mystery & intrigue, engage with characters on a journey of courage and skill.

Episode 1 Image.jpg

Episode 2

Family Affair

After an engaging start, you will want more !! a story within a story entwines, new characters come to the fore & the story deepens

episode 2.jpg

Episode 3

Happens to anyone

Now your hooked, the series just gets better and better, the journey continues across the city with sublime skills and courage.

Episode 3.jpg

Episode 4 - The finale


The extended finale episode. After the cliff hanger ending from series 3, it's now all beginning to make sense, half the city is searching, is he going to make a safe exit?

Episode 4.jpg
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Global Safe Program

What is the Global Safe Program?

The Global safe program is an exclusive online platform that uses exclusive videos & real-life seminars to teach you not only the latest Krav Maga self-defense techniques by Itay Gil & Gheorghe Husar but also awareness & medical skills too.

Would you know what to do if someone was injured or stabbed?

Do you have the ability to see a potential situation arising?

Are you aware?

Using our program any practitioner can develop Self-defense & life skills to survive in the real world.

Check out all this and more all online, all accessible within the click of a button, join the journey today get unlimited access to the engage ecosystem, including training, entertainment video and movies and alot more , we have content releasing over the course of 2020 and continuing indefinitely,  become a subscriber today.

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