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Engage Academy is a unique online training platform that teaches you the very best in Urban self defence. Our team offers a combination of Experience, Vision and Skills required to survive an attack on the street.  To keep you Engaged in our training methods our unique short films give you real world scenarios, with various options showing you how it would look with the training and without.


A street attack can be brutal

Are You Ready - To Defend Yourself?

Levelling The Score "Learn To Defend Yourself"


Gheorghe Husar 

Orjan Pettersen

Self Defence Training

A new & engrossing way to learn the very best urban self defence / Krav Maga skills.


Follow our 4 part series, where you will witness twelve different violent attacks (scenarios). Our online training will teach you how to defend yourself in all 12 violent attack scenarios.

As you Engage with the characters within the series, why not learn the skills required to deal with the more common place violent attacks that are happening daily across the world, see how it gives you the confidence and new found skills to deal with real life scenarios.

All This and More For Just

$6.00 Per Month!

We have separated out every attack within the series into individual training modules, so there are 12 in total. When you sign up for the online self defence training we will go through an individual scenario (attack) every week for 12 weeks and show you what can be achieved with the correct guidance and techniques..

After the 12 weeks training on the scenarios from the series we have more modules to further improve your self defence abilities.


Watch as our experts Gheorghe Husar and Orjan Petterson provide you with step by step, clear & precise training techniques.

Online Training Modules

The EngageMovie Seminars

Seminars Across the Globe.

We will shortly be adding a list of all the seminars being run across the globe. Our highly skilled team of Krav Maga instructors will bring the very latest in self defense techniques and solutions required to deal with everyday violent attacks and threats.

Our team includes:
Itay Gil, one of the most experienced Krav Maga instructors in the world, is a counter-terror and hand to hand combat expert, with experience from several thousands real life confrontations. Few come even close...if any.

Gheorghe Husar, an Expert 3 instructor in Civilian & Law Enforcement Krav Maga, is one of the most respected Experts in the world, and has trained, taught and competed as a multiple champion in several full-contact martial arts.


Orjan Pettersen, an Expert 1 instructor, has been trained and accredited to instruct by world leading Krav Maga instructors including Itay Gil, Gheorghe Husar and Haim Sasson.

Peter Drinkell, a G5 Instructor, has also been trained and accredited to instruct by world leading Krav Maga instructors Itay Gil and Gheorghe Husar.

Oliver Carter, Tactical Medical Instructor (Paramedic), is a registered HCPC paramedic with Hostile Environment Medical & Tactical experience across the Middle East and Africa.

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Making The Students The Masters

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