Freddie Hutton-Mills

Award Winning Director Freddie is a British Festival Guild Award Winning filmmaker. In the past 14 years, he has written, directed and produced five internationally released feature films and over 200 hours of Television.

Gheorghe Husar

Krav Maga Expert

Gheorghe used his skill in self defence to teach the cast in the movie, he even had a cameo roll, see if you can spot his character? He choreographed most of the fight scenes making this a unique Krav Maga movie experience.

Corin Silva


A dynamic actor who is able to approach a mutlitude of different roles with ease. Corin has worked with several aclaimed television directors, so he adapted to his character with assurance especially with his Northern grit and charm. Besides he loves what he does and has the confidence to bring that extra something to any roll. Superb Actor!

Producer Philip Barantini

After many years of acting and working with people such as Kenneth Branagh Orlando Bloom ( The late ) Heath Ledger, Bernard Hill, John Hannah, Naomi Watts Philip turned his hand at producing and directing

Michael John Treanor​


Michael has appeared in 3 major feature films, one of which he had the pleasure of going to Cannes Film Festival to see himself on the big screen called 'The World Is Yours' directed by Romain Gavras. He even got to fight the boxing heavyweight Champion of The world Anthony Joshua in a fantastic Lucozade commercial. His incredible performances will not go un-noticed, he has a huge future ahead of him.

Daniel Larkai


A charismatic, passionate and energetic individual who has been acting in the more serious capacity since he was 11. Daniel played a key character in leveling the score, learning Krav Maga skills for the series was only one of the skills he learnt form his time on set. Daniel never top learning & is exponentially developing as an overall actor.

Itay Gil - Actor

Krav Maga Expert

Relatively new to the Movie industry, Itay Gil has now appeared on numerous TV shows across the Globe. He is a Master in Krav Maga Self Defence and with vast experience from hundreds of real life confrontations, few come even close..if any.

Sarah-Louise Ravenscroft


Sarah is an up an coming actress with lots of superb qualities. Sarah Played one of the lead characters in the series, & really connected with her part in the series, A young actor with huge potential, this is only the start for Sarah, with her character already being included in the next series being filmed later in 2019

Ali Donohue


Ali is a unique actress who can sing as well as she acts, & with her extensive talents Ali brought a key character to life in the series, & she is certainly concentrating on her acting ability for the future. Im sure there will be many more rolls that she connects with successfully, especially with her all round abilities.

Just as crucial to the movie is the parts played by the other members of the cast, without these guys there could not have been such a fantastic series. All highly skilled actors, these are the unsung heros of levelling the score.

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