Watch Our Exclusive 4 Part Series!

For the first time worldwide, we are proud to share free of charge our first three episodes, then you have episode 4 our extended Finale Episode*.

See first hand what is possible in the most unlikely of scenarios, defending yourself is sometimes the only choice you have. The first 3 episodes are free to view, so follow the series as it develops into an Incredible Extended Finale. (Episode 4 is a small charge to view, simply unmissable)


This Is not another boring self-defense tutorial, watch the series develop & engage with the characters on a journey of skills and courage.


* extended episode is a small charge to view  

Episode 1

An Unusual and Bloody fare comes knocking at your door, How does he react when it lands him in the deep end, We sit here wondering, just what the man stumbling down the sidewalk has been involved with. 

Episode 1 Image.jpg
Episode 2

With his Family involved, The taxi driver is left with no choice but to get into the thick of things himself, is his son compromised? will he be taken out by the Grafton Gang, or will he hold his ground and risk losing it all?

episode 2.jpg
Episode 3
Episode 3.jpg

Meeting a girl for dinner can quickly take a turn. Can he adapt and overcome these potential threats… Episode 3 shows that anyone can get involved with the wrong crowd. Another innocent man gets roped into the glare of the gang leaders.

Episode 4
Episode 4.jpg

The extended finale episode. After the cliff hanger ending from the last installment of "Levelling The Score", it’s all beginning to make sense, the gang leader is bleeding light into every corner of the city. Is Reg finally taking matters into his own  hands,